Musical (1982)

Musique: Monty Norman
Paroles: Peter Nichols
Livret: Peter Nichols
Production à la création:

Poppy, a pantomime parody which explores British imperialism and the nineteenth-century opium wars, was first staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1982. It won the S.W.E.T. award for Musical of the Year and was later re-mounted at the Adelphi. In 1988 the show was revived in a new version at the Half Moon Theatre and that is the text available here.
Poppy is a celebration of Victorian values and exposes the hypocrisy, racism, drug dealing, money worship and sexual repression of the time through its favourite entertainment form. Dick Whittington, his man Jack, Sally the Principal Girl, the Dame, two pantomime horses, a flying ballet, a transformation scene and even the traditional song-sheet are all brought on to tell the serious and finally devastating story of the single most profitable crop of the British East India Company.
Monty Norman's exuberant score, for an orchestra of six, is vibrant, tuneful and ironically arousing.

Synopsis complet

Poppy premiered on 25 September 1982 at the Barbican Centre performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. That year, it won the Laurence Olivier Award for best new musical. On 14 November 1983, the play was moved to the Adelphi Theatre and ran until 18 February 1984. The show was revived in December 1988 at the now-closed Half Moon Theatre (with Louise Gold as Dick Whittington), in 1998 by the Chelsea Players, and again in March 2005 by the Italia Conti Academy at the Landor Theatre.

A 'script-in-hand' performance was given as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company's 50th Birthday Celebrations on 9 July 2011, directed by Mark Ravenhill, with both Peter Nichols and Monty Norman in the audience.

Act One
• "The Emperor's Greeting"
• "Dunroamin-on-the-Down"
• "Whoa, Boy"
• "The Good Old Days"
• "Why Must I?"
• "In These Chambers"
• "If You Want to Make a Killing"
• "Nostalgie de la Boue"
• "John Companee"
• "Poppy"

Act Two
• "China Clipper"
• "The Bounty of the Earth"
• "The Emperor's Lament"
• "China Sequence"
• "They All Look the Same To Us"
• "The Blessed Trinity" (Civilisation, Commerce and Christianity)
• "Sir Richard's Song"
• "Rock-A-Bye Randy"
• "The Dragon Dance"
• "Rat-a-Tat-Tat"
• "Finale"

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Version 1

Poppy (1982-09-Barbican Theatre-London)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Barbican (Londres - Angleterre)
Salle : Theatre
Durée :
Nombre :
Première Preview : Inconnu
Première : samedi 25 septembre 1982
Dernière : Inconnu
Mise en scène : Terry Hands
Chorégraphie : David Toguri
Producteur :
Avec : Roger Allam (Lin Tse-Tsi), Jane Carr (Queen Victoria), Tony Church (Tao-Kuan), Stephen Moore (Jack Idle), Julia Hills (Sally Forth), Geoffrey Hutchings (Lady Dodo), Bernard Lloyd (Obadiah Upward), Michael Gyngell, Susan Jane Tanner, David Whitaker, Christopher Hurst, Andrew Thomas-James
Commentaires : A revised and re-written version opened at the Adelphi in November 1983.

Version 2

Poppy (1983-11-Adelphi Theatre-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Adelphi Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 2 mois 2 semaines
Nombre : 97 représentations
Première Preview : lundi 14 novembre 1983
Première : mardi 22 novembre 1983
Dernière : samedi 04 février 1984
Mise en scène : Terry Hands • Ian Judge
Chorégraphie : Aucun
Producteur :
Avec : Cherry the Mare ·Andrea Chance
Cherry the Mare · Samantha Hughes / Chinese Dancer · Samantha Hughes / Chorus · Andrea Chance / Chorus · Andrew Thomas James
Chorus · Julie Kirk / Chorus · Julia Lintott / Chorus · Katie Randall / Chorus · Diane Simmons / Chorus · Donald Waugh / Clerk · Leo Andrew / Clerk · Jimmy Cassidy / Clerk · Stewart Mackintosh / Clerk ·Tano Rea / Dick Whittington · Antonio Ellis / Elephant; Chorus · Antony Simons / Elephant; Chorus · Mark White / Jack Idle · David Firth / Lady Dodo · Geoffrey Hutchings / Lin Tse-Tsii · John Watts / Lord Palmerston · Mark White / Obadiah Upward · Alfred Marks / Queen Victoria · Nichola McAuliffe / Randy the Horse · Christopher Hurst / Randy the Horse · Andrew Thomas James / Sally Forth · Janet Shaw / Swing · Wayne Aspinall / Swing · Jan Revere / Tao-Kuan · Ken Wynne / Teng Tin Chen · David Bacon / Tiger; Chorus · Philip Tsaras /
Yo-Yo; Chorus · Sarah Lam
Commentaires : This was a revised and re-staged version of the original production at the Barbican, September 1982. It had undergone rather a lot of changes - possibly to make it more acceptable for a planned Broadway transfer - but this time round it received a critical drubbing, including: “It collapses amidst the stuffing and garnishing of a cumbersome, shamefully under-rehearsed and embarrassingly under-cast production”

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