Musical (2016)

Musique: Caroline Sherman • Robert Hull
Paroles: Caroline Sherman • Robert Hull
Livret: Caroline Sherman • Robert Hull
Production à la création:

Empire is an original musical about those who bravely embodied the American spirit during the dark days of the Great Depression by building what was then the tallest structure in the world, the Empire State Building. When the roaring 20's collapsed into the reeling 30's, these industrialists, laborers and their families mortgaged all that was safe and reasonable for the dream of leaving their mark on New York City and the world.

The show takes place during the Great Depression after the roaring '20s has collapsed into the dark days of the '30s in New York City. It follows the industrialists, laborers, and their families, who moved forward with the unprecedented project of building the Empire State Building. As they gamble their dreams on something dangerous and unsure, the building and those involved in its creation become emblematic of the American spirit in times of darkness.

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Version 1

Empire (2016-01-La Mirada Theatre-La Mirada)

Type de série: Pre-Broadway Try Out
Théâtre: La Mirada Theatre (La Mirada - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : vendredi 22 janvier 2016
Première : vendredi 22 janvier 2016
Dernière : dimanche 14 février 2016
Mise en scène : Marcia Milgrom Dodge
Chorégraphie : Marcia Milgrom Dodge
Producteur :
Avec : Michael Baxter, Tommy Bracco, Richard Bulda, Juan Caballer, Caitlyn Calfas, Kevin Earley, Fatima El-Bashir, Tory Freeth, Stephanie Gibson, Joe Hart, Rachel King, Charlotte Maltby, Michael Mccormick, Katharine Mcdonough, Gabriel Navarro, Rachel Osting , Caleb Shaw, Tony Sheldon, Cooper Stanton, Michael Starr, Christine Tucker, Rodrigo Varandas, Josh Walden, Justin Michael Wilcox
Presse : "Epic Empire scales heights of the the great Golden-Age musicals." OC Register
"It's an effervescent homage to a time when the girl Friday had gumption, the dreamers had vision, and everyone came together to make the impossible possible."
"A pair of stellar lead performances, a sensational young ensemble executing director-choreographer Marcia Milgrom Dodge’s thrilling dance moves." StageScene LA

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