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Summer Holiday (1997-07-Hammersmith Apollo Theatre-London)

Type de série: West End Transfer
Théâtre: Eventim Apollo (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 2 mois 2 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : Tuesday 08 July 1997
Première : Tuesday 08 July 1997
Dernière : Saturday 20 September 1997
Mise en scène : Ultz
Chorégraphie : Queeny Sachs
Producteur :
Avec : Darren Day (Don), Darren J. Bennett (Steve), Mark McGee (Edwin), Rene Zagger (Cyril), Lucie Fentum (Mimsie), Miranda Richards (Angie), Jo Sherwood (Alma), Clare Buckfield (Barbara), Hilary O’Neill (Stella), Ross King (Wallace)
Commentaires : This was a gloriously camp re-creation of the film: Paris (berets and an accordion player), Switzerland (clock, bells, sheep and cows), finally Greece (blokes in white skirts, gold waistcoats and red caps); a tendency for the boys to strip continually down to their Y-fronts; an updating with some terrible jokes (one of Don’s gormless male friends gives him a baguette and says, knowingly. “Now you’ve got something else that’s nine inches” - another gets to Paris and says “I really want to go to the Louvre” only to be told “Well, use that tree over there”) - the whole show was gloriously awful. Darren Day managed a very creditable impersonation of Cliff Richard, and Hilary O’Neill stole the show with a totally over-the top comedy performance as the mother. The show was critic-proof, and packed with Cliff Richard/Darren Day fans who screamed their delight from start to finish. It had played a six-month sell-out season at Blackpool Opera House in the summer of 1996, and then toured before this six month season in London.