Musical (1998)

Musique: Bee Gees
Paroles: Bee Gees
Livret: Arlene Phillips • Nan Knighton • Paul Nicholas • Robert Stigwood

In Brooklyn, 'Tony Manero' is a humble paint store clerk by day, but after dark he becomes the polyester-clad stallion king of the local nightclub. Every Saturday night Tony slips into his flares, pulls on his huge-collared shirt and hits the streets to prove he can walk the walk, talk the talk and most definitely dance the moves. Each week he parts the dance floor like the red sea as the club falls under the spell of the thumping disco beat and Tony's phenomenal routines. But as the club lights snap on at the end of the night and the real world returns, Tony and his disco obsessed friends must face the sometimes harsh truth of growing up in the tough urban jungle of New York.

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