Revue (1935)

Musique: Arthur Schwartz
Paroles: Howard Dietz
Livret: *** Revue
Production à la création:

At Home Abroad is a revue with music by Arthur Schwartz and lyrics by Howard Dietz. It introduced the songs "Love Is a Dancing Thing", "What a Wonderful World" and "Got a Bran' New Suit", among others. The revue follows a bored couple who flee America and go on a musical world tour.

The setting is a cruise around the world, featuring 25 musical numbers at various locations: a London store, an African jungle ("Hottentot Potentate"), a Balkan country where Powell taps spy messages, and a West Indies dockside for "Loadin' Time", to mention a few. The revue gave Bea Lillie the range of a variety of exotic locations. She had the tongue-twister lines "two dozen double damask dinner napkins"; became a Russian ballerina who could not "face the mujik"; and disrupted the line of geisha girls with "It's better with your shoes off" in a Japanese garden. In "Paree", she was a Parisian grisette in the Moulin Rouge in Paris, and "made something of a carnival of this song, with lyrics like 'I want to kiss your right bank, kiss your left bank; kiss Montparnasse' with the emphasis on the last syllable."

The original Broadway production opened at the Winter Garden Theatre on September 19, 1935, and ran for 198 performances. It featured in the cast Beatrice Lillie, Ethel Waters, Herb Williams, Eleanor Powell, Paul Haakon, Reginald Gardiner, Eddie Foy Jr., Vera Allen, and John Payne . Sketches were scripted by Raymond Knight, Marc Connelly and others. The revue was produced by Messrs. Shubert, and directed by Vincente Minnelli and Thomas Mitchell; the first Broadway musical to be directed by Minnelli.

Get Away From it All
The Survey
Dinner Napkins - Eddie Foy, Jr, James McColl
Hottentot Potentate - Ethel Waters
Paree - Beatrice Lillie
Thief in the Night - Ethel Waters
Love Is a Dancing Thing - Paul Haakon, Woods Miller, Nina Whitney
Loadin' Time - Ethel Waters
Trains - Reginald Gardiner
What a Wonderful World - Eleanor Powell
You May Be Far Away From Me - Beatrice Lillie, Reginald Gardiner
The Steamboat Whistle - Ethel Waters
Get Yourself a Geisha
Got a Bran' New Suit - Eleanor Powell, Ethel Waters
That's Not Cricket
The Lady With the Tap - Eleanor Powell, Woods Miller

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Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant At Home Abroad

Version 1

At Home Abroad (1935-09-Winter Garden Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Winter Garden Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 5 mois 2 semaines
Nombre : 198 représentations
Première Preview : 19 September 1935
Première: 19 September 1935
Dernière: 07 March 1936
Mise en scène : Vincente Minnelli
Chorégraphie : Gene Snyder • Harry Losee
Producteur :
Star(s) :
Avec: Beatrice Lillie, Ethel Waters, Herb Williams, Eleanor Powell, Reginald Gardiner, Paul Haakon, Eddie Foy Jr., Vera Allen, Nina Whitney, James MacColl, Woods Miller, Andre Charise, Gene Martell; The 6 Spirits of Rhythm: Theodor Bonn, Douglas Daniels, Wilbur Daniels, Ernest Meyers, Virgil Scoggins, Leo Watson; Sue Hastings’s Marionettes; Roy Campbell’s Continentals: Frank Baker, Cliff Billings, Neville Landor, Arnold Lenhart, Fred Locke, Joseph Meyer, John Payne, Craige Stevens; Ladies of the Ensemble: Joanna Allen, Mary Bay, Regina Beck, Helen Bennett, Hazel Boffinger, Mildred Borst, Jane Burks, Mary Ann Carr, Jean Carson, Geri Chopin, Helene Ecklund, Peggy Gallimore, Marjorie Gayle, Pearl Harris, Helen Hannen, Julie Jenner, Jane Lane, Rose Lieder, June McNulty, Polly Rose, Claire Scott, Anne St. George, Sally Warren, Mildred Webb, Ruth White
Commentaires : Winter Garden Theatre: 19 Sep 1935 - Jan 1936
Majestic Theatre: 20 Jan 1936 - 7 Mar 1936

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