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0001 - Flashdance (2008)
Musique: Robbie Roth
Paroles: Robbie Roth • Robert Cary
Livret: Robert Cary • Tom Hadly
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Résumé: Set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the show revolves around 18 year old Alex, a female apprentice welder by day and ‘flashdancer’ by night. Her Mom wants her to audition for the local ballet school, but insecure Alex can’t bear the snobby ballet types. Things get worse when her rich boyfriend, Nick, tries to buy her way into the Dance Academy, and her dreams of attending the prestigious Shipley Dance Academy. The show attempts a grittier sub-plot involving the closure of the steel mill, drug abuse in the form of coked-up dancer Gloria, a rival dance club run by the seedy Dr Kool and the sudden death of Alex’s mother, but with friendly support from fellow-dancers Keisha and Jasmine Alex will finally realise all her dreams, professionally and personally.

Création: 19/7/2008 - Theatre Royal (Plymouth) - représ.