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0001 - Hot Mikado (1986)
Musique: Rob Bowman
Paroles: David H Bell
Livret: David H Bell
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Résumé: Picture a little town in Japan where flirting is punishable by death. Unsurprisingly, its citizens are finding the law rather, well... tiresome. They appoint Ko Ko, a lowly tailor, as Lord High Executioner, himself condemned for flirting and so not likely to execute anyone. Throw in the beautiful Yum Yum, her ardent admirer Nanki-Poo, errant son of the Mikado, and the man-eater Katisha, and you have one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most famous comic operas in all its wonderful absurdity.

Création: 18/3/1986 - Ford's Theatre (Washington) - représ.