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0001 - Love Racket (The) (1943)
Musique: Noel Gay
Paroles: Barbara Gordon • Basil Thomas • Frank Eyton • Leslie Gibbs
Livret: Stanley Lupino
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Résumé: Story: Three married couples in Hollywood: Film star Johnnie Stanton and his wife Jane Denver, film-writer Jimmie Blake and his wife Minnie Master, and film-director Tony Merrick and his wife Bonnie Drew are struggling to finance their latest film, when an offer comes from rival film-maker, Samuel T. Kelly. He will pay for their film in return for the loan of Jane Denver to star in Kelly’s production of “Reaching for the Moon”. Jane doesn’t like the idea of working for another studio, and then a stranger arrives liberally throwing bank-notes around, and announces he is the author of “Reaching for the Moon” and retains all the screen rights. Samuel T. Kelly is forced to withdraw, and both films will be financed for Tony Merrick and his colleagues.

Création: 21/10/1943 - Victoria Palace Theatre (Londres) - 324 représ.