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0001 - Nightingale (The) (Version Russell) (1947)
Musique: Kennedy Russel
Paroles: Michael Martin-Harvey • Saz Rohmer
Livret: Michael Martin-Harvey • Saz Rohmer
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Résumé: The story of an Emperor of China who, betrothed to a Japanese Princess, heard the nightingale calling in the woods. The nightingale was a little Chinese girl who had loved him from the moment she set eyes on his handsome figure and whose destiny was to turn his genius to the salvation of his people. The only comic relief in this whimsical romantic tale came in the form of the Emperor’s mother. Despite its lavish production values, excellent cast and a much praised score, it closed after six and a half weeks.

Création: 15/7/1947 - Shaftesbury Theatre (Londres) - représ.