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0001 - Fritzi (1935)
Musique: Karl Tucker
Paroles: Arthur Stanley
Livret: Edward Royce • Sydney Blow
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Résumé: Fritzi is a stage-struck Parisian gamine, based in an old wine cellar, and running a troupe of boys, ostensibly earning a living by making cigarettes from discarded fag-ends, but supplementing their income by “collecting” things which are not their own. Fritzi is enamoured of the famous actor-manager André Sorbier of the Boite aux Joujoux. By chance, one of the things “collected” by the gang is a pie ordered by Sorbier, and when the actor and the pursuing gendarmerie track her down, she passes herself off as an impoverished baroness and wheedles her way into an audition. Once inside the theatre she manages to out-wit the leading lady, Paulette Leclaire, and get herself invited for supper at Sorbier’s private apartment. However, things go awry, and she runs away, back to the wine-cellar and the boys. In true musical comedy style, however, the smitten Sorbier comes after her and offers her marriage. Other characters in the story include Charles, a lively stage manager, Desirée, a rival actress, and Paul Duportal, a theatrical backer whose real trade is in ladies’ corsets.

Création: 20/12/1935 - Adelphi Theatre (Londres) - 64 représ.