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0001 - Mr Whittington (1934)
Musique: Jack Waller • John W. Green • Joseph Tunbridge
Paroles: Jack Waller • John W. Green • Joseph Tunbridge
Livret: Clifford Grey • Douglas Furber • Greatrex Newman
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Résumé: Richard Whittington, a young man about town, has lost everything on a Stock Exchange investment due to the scheming of the wicked Sir Timothy. To add to his troubles Richard is run over in Piccadilly and taken to a hospital with concussion, and he dreams of success: he rides the winner in the Derby, wins the Lonsdale Belt at the Albert Hall, strokes Oxford to victory, organises a scout and girl guide jamboree, wins a local election - and finally wakes up to discover his fortunes are restored - thanks to the delightful Betty Trotter, Sir Timothy’s secretary – and he even is appointed Lord Mayor of London.

Création: 1/2/1934 - Hippodrome (The) (Londres) - représ.