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0001 - Hard Times (2000)
Musique: Chris Tookey • Hugh Thomas
Paroles: Chris Tookey • Hugh Thomas
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Résumé: Dickens’ hard-hitting novel about the brutal realities and materialistic spirit of Victorian industrial capitalism is presented in a stylized pantomime, music-hall and circus format, with the circus performers acting act out the story of Hard Times. Charles Dickens himself is prevailed upon to play the role of the grim Thomas Gradgrind. The characters include Mrs Gradgrind (who at one point jumps out of her coffin to join in a tap-dance); their daughter, Louisa, who is married off to Bounderby, the callous humbug; and the villainous rake, Harthouse, who preys on poor Louisa.

Création: 6/6/2000 - Haymarket Theatre (Londres) - 95 représ.