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0001 - Balalaika (1936)
Musique: Eric Maschwitz
Paroles: Bernard Grun • George Posford
Livret: Bernard Grun • George Posford
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A love story set during the first World War/Russian Revolution with the son of a titled family pursuing his love for a young dancer through difficult times. The show starts and ends after the war at a Montmartre night-club Balalaika.


Résumé: The initial location is outside the Balalaika Nightclub in Montmartre just after World War I. An old man is singig a sad ballad, "Where Are the Snows?" and the audience is transported back to the Russia of 1914 by way of the story of a lovely ballerina and singer, Lydia, and her high-born lover, Peter. These two young people survive the Revolution, foil and attempted assassination of the Tsar and finally, melt into each other's arms while in exile in Paris.

Création: 22/12/1936 - Adelphi Theatre (Londres) - représ.

0002 - Summer Song (1956)
Musique: Anton Dvorák • Bernard Grun
Paroles: Eric Maschwitz
Livret: Eric Maschwitz
Production originale:
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Création: 16/2/1956 - Shaftesbury Theatre (Londres) - représ.