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0001 - Time (1986)
Musique: Jeff Daniels
Paroles: Dave Clark • David Soames
Livret: Dave Clark • David Soames
Production originale:
1 version mentionnée
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Résumé: Time tells the story of the Rock Star named Chris Wilder (Cliff Richard, later by David Cassidy) who has been transported, with backup singers Louise, Babs and Carol, from his concert on Earth to the High Court of the Universe. There they face three other-worldly judges to defend the Earth in the case of the Time Lord vs. the people of the planet Earth.

Création: 9/4/1986 - Dominion Theatre (Londres) - représ.

0002 - Tale of Two Cities (A) (vers Pomeranz) (1998)
Musique: David Pomeranz
Paroles: Steven David Horwich
Livret: David Soames • Steven David Horwich
Production originale:
4 versions mentionnées
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Résumé: Set amidst the turmoil of the French Revolution, This epic adaptation of the classic Dicken’s novel follows the fortunes of a band of dedicated rebels, fighting for the lives, their love and their liberty. The heroic struggle leaves a proud and historic legacy for generations to come. The original book is one of the few that most people know both the start and end of - from "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times .." to "It is a far far better thing that I do .."

Création: //1998 - Theatre Royal (Windsor) - représ.