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0001 - Pickwick (1963)
Musique: Cyril Ornadel
Paroles: Leslie Bricusse
Livret: Wolf Mankowitz
Production originale:
1 version mentionnée
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Genèse: The musical opened on 3 June 1963 at the Palace Theatre, Manchester prior to the West End premiere on 4 July 1963 at the Saville Theatre and closed on 27 February 1965 following 694 performances.[1] Peter Coe directed, choreography was by Leo Kharibian, scenic design was by Sean Kenny and costumes were by Roger Furse. The Broadway premiere, produced by David Merrick, was at the 46th Street Theatre on 4 October 1965. It closed on 18 November after 56 performances. The New York production was directed by Peter Coe, choreographed by Lynne, and featured Harry Secombe as Pickwick, Charlotte Rae as Mrs. Bardell, Roy Castle as Sam Weller, Nancy Haywood as Isabella, Michael Logan as Mr. Wardle, and Peter Bull as Sgt. Buzfuz. The cast for the first production in Manchester and London featured Harry Secombe as Pickwick, Jessie Evans as Mrs. Bardell and Teddy Green as Sam Weller. The Pickwickians Tracy Tupman, Augustus Snodgrass and Nathaniel Winkle were played by Gerald James, Julian Orchard and Oscar Quitak respectively. Anton Rodgers was notable as Mr. Jingle, and Robin Wentworth played Tony Weller. Rachel, Isabella and Emily were played by Hilda Braid, Vivienne St.George and Jane Sconce respectively with Sam Weller's 'Girl' Mary performed superbly by Dilys Watling. The remaining cast and Company were equally impressive.[citation needed] One of the better known songs from the score is "If I Ruled The World".


Création: 3/6/1963 - Palace Theatre (Manchester) - représ.

0002 - Winnie (1988)
Musique: *** Divers • Cyril Ornadel
Paroles: *** Divers
Livret: Robin Hardy
Production originale:
1 version mentionnée
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Résumé: It is presented as a show within a show. A war-damaged theatre in Germany in 1945 is being used to stage a tribute to Winston Churchill on the eve of the Gentral Election which is bound to see him re-elected. At the dress-rehearsal the performers are a mixed-bag: there is an ENSA group of Shakespearean actors touring “Julius Caesar” and twelve dancing girls (Doris and her Daisies) from an ENSA variety tour. The musicians and stage staff are recruited from the soldiers of the British Army on the Rhine and a visiting American colonel has been persuaded to take part as Roosevelt’s special envoy. The overall director, Jack Craven, takes the part of Churchill, with the leading Shakespeare lady, Stella, playing the role of Clemmie Churchill. There is even a German director who defies the fraternisation rules to help get the show on.

Création: 31/5/1988 - Victoria Palace Theatre (Londres) - représ.