Revue (1916)

Musique: George M. Cohan
Paroles: George M. Cohan
Livret: George M. Cohan
Production à la création: George M. Cohan • Sam H. Harris

Cette revue musicale s’inscrit dans la continuité du genre burlesque des scènes de Broadway qui débuta dans "Hello, Broadway!" (1914) et fut mise à jour pour 1916. Une note de programme a donné l’information suivante: "L’action du spectacle se déroule quelque part dans Rhode Island." C’était une continuation de l’utilisation de Cohan de Providence comme une cible de ses blagues.

Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant Cohan Revue of 1916 (The)

Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant Cohan Revue of 1916 (The)

Version 1

Cohan Revue of 1916 (The) (1916-02-Astor Theatre-Broadway)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Astor Theatre (Broadway - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 4 mois 3 semaines
Nombre : 165 représentations
Première Preview : 09 February 1916
Première: 09 February 1916
Dernière: 01 July 1916
Mise en scène : George M. Cohan
Chorégraphie :
Producteur : George M. Cohan • Sam H. Harris
Star(s) :
Avec: Mabel Allen (Chorus), Virginia Allen (Chorus), Percy Ames (R. J. Carroll), Eugene Armento (Chorus), Francis ArmentoRichard Backman (Chorus), Walter Baker (Chorus), Willard F. Barger (Chorus), George Bastedl (Chorus), Bobby Bertrand (Chorus), John Blue (Chorus), John Boyle (Colonel Smith, A Dancing Pirate), Catherine Brady (Chorus), Walter Brazil (Captain Jones, Another Dancing Pirate), Jack Brusch (Chorus), Harry Bulger (Andrew Overdraft, Joe Silver), Dazie Burton (Chorus), Richard Carle (Dr. Booberang, Judge Kinkead), Marion Carroll (Chorus), Hazel Coulter (Chorus), Jeanne Dare (Chorus), Kittie De Vere (Chorus), Martha Dean (Chorus), Harry Delf (Billy Holliday, Potter, Soldier), Bernard Druce (Chorus), Frank Duball (Chorus), Hazel Ellsworth (Chorus), Anita Elson (Defeat), Arthur Engel (Chorus), Murry Evans (Chorus), Goldie Foley (Chorus), George Fredericks (The God of War), Hazel Frisbie (Chorus), Pearl Gabrielle (Chorus), Frank Goldie (Chorus), Marjory Grace (Chorus), Catherine Grant (Chorus), Edward Greer (Chorus), Frank Griffiths (Chorus), Alice Harris (Sadie Love), Gertrude Harrison (Chorus), John Hendricks (The Jester, Ed. Dundreary, Bill Bones, Basso), Charles Hessong (Chorus), Daniel Hickey (Chorus), Charles Impartore (Chorus), Gardner James (Chorus), Lillian Johnson (Chorus), Miss Juliet (Emily Stevenson, Emma McChesney, Gaby DeLys), John Kearney (Chorus), John Kelly (Chorus), Reba Kent (Chorus), Alfred Latell (Jasper), John Lawless (Chorus), Helen Learning (Chorus), Little Billy (Young America, Madam Sabattini), Dorothy Jane Londoner (Victory), Joseph Lycett (Chorus), George Lydiate (Chorus), Connie Magnet (Chorus), James C. Marlowe (H. H. Hobson, Flanigan, Manager of the Opera House, B.P.O.E. Mason), Gladdie McDonald (Chorus), Florence Moore (Chorus), Emily Morrison (Chorus), Elizabeth Murray (Mrs. Andrew Overdraft, Mrs. Clay), Jean Murray (Chorus), Grace Nolan (Chorus), James J. O'Brien (Chorus), Thelma Pinder (Chorus), Burrell Rhodes (Chorus), Josephine Rhodes (Chorus), Lila Rhodes (Major Barbara), Bert Roberts (Chorus), Mathilde Rodriguez (Chorus), Harry Rose (Chorus), John Rowe (Chorus), Grace Russell (Chorus), William Sample (Chorus), Florence Sandford (Chorus), Frederick Santley (Stephen Overdraft, Owen Kildara), Gladys Siddons (Chorus), John Silbe (Chorus), Hilda Smith (Chorus), Virginia Steinhardt (Chorus), Thomas Deeby (Chorus), Vallie Valli (Jane Clay), Clara Whiteford (Chorus), Dorothy Whiteford (Chorus), Billie Wilkens (Chorus), Charles Winninger (Jean Paurel)
Presse : "The great Mr. Cohan, who is retired now from the stage and has nothing to do except write plays and stage a few by other fellows, has been at such a loss to fill the long evenings of late that he has gone about to many other theatres than his own.
He has gone with a pencil in his hand and a twinkle in his eyes, and, being something of a dramatic critic himself, has dashed off his impressions ....
It's a diplodocus. It's a dinosaur.
Cohan's admirers were in full force last evening ... who would cheer themselves hoarse at the worst play in the world if he wrote it, and who would honestly believe it the best in the history of the stage.
It would take Mr. Cohan to keep any audience amused and contented throughout a first act lasting two hours and ten minutes ... the final curtain fell at ten minutes before midnight. (…) Much of what was seen last night is destined for the scrap basket, which is rather a pity, for certain kindred entertainments could make such excellent use of Mr. Cohan's leavings." (New York Times - 10/2/1916)

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