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0001 - Beautiful Game (The) (2000)
Musique: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Paroles: Ben Elton
Livret: Andrew Lloyd Webber • Ben Elton
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The plot, which is centred on a local football (soccer) team, focuses on the attempt to overcome religious intolerance and violence that has engulfed their community. The team is made up of Catholic and Protestant youths and the coach is a priest. The musical chronicles the ups and downs of the team players as the emerging political and religious violence overwhelms them. Some of the players become members of the IRA, one gets kneecapped. The musical also chronicles the emotional change in the protagonist from political ambivalence to becoming an IRA terrorist. Highlights of the play include the dual singing of "God's Own Country" by two females, one Catholic, one Protestant; the rain-drenched funeral; the football match; the transformation of the football net into a prison.

Genèse: Beautiful Game The world premiere production of The Beautiful Game opened on September 26, 2000 at the Cambridge Theatre in London and closed September 1, 2001, after a total run of slightly more than 11 months. Directed by Robert Carsen, the choreography was by Meryl Tankard. The show was met with a mixed reception from the critics: while the production and Lloyd Webber's score were largely praised, Elton's book and lyrics came under fire for being crass, predictable and undistinguished. The show never made a transfer to Broadway. The Boys in the Photograph A rewrite by Lloyd-Webber and Elton, with a new title of The Boys in the Photograph, had a full scale production mounted in April 2009 at the Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This production transferred to the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto, Canada in September 2009 with a rumored North American Tour to follow retaining the entire Canadian cast. The rewrite gives a more uplifting ending than the original production. Prior to this, The Boys in the Photograph received a workshop production by students at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in April 2008. It opened with the following cast Matthew Grace as John, Jeanna De Waal as Mary, Adam Diggle as Del, Derek Barr as Thomas, Cecilia Ardiles as Christine, Richard Loosemore as Ginger, Rob Gilbert as Daniel and Bryn Holding as Father O'Donnel. It was directed by Nick Phillips.

Résumé: Une équipe de foot locale d'Irlande du Nord mélange joueurs catholiques et protestants ce qui, malgré les résultats positifs de l'équipe, déclenche de nombreuses violences. Plusieurs footballeurs rejoignent l'IRA et finiront en prison où ils pourront continuer de pratiquer leur passion. La comédie musicale parle aussi du basculement de quelqu'un qui a des idées vers le pur terrorrisme. Les grands moments du spectacles sont: un duo de femmes "God's Own Country", une Catholique, une Protestante; l'enterrement sous la pluie; le match de football; la transformation du filet du football en prison. La chanson la plus prospère du score était "Notre Genre d'Amour."

Création: 26/9/2000 - Cambridge Theatre (Londres) - représ.

0002 - We will rock you (2002)
Livret: Ben Elton
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Résumé: The musical does not chronicle the story of the band, Queen, rather it incorporates the songs of the rock group. The time is the future. Globalisation is complete. Everywhere, the kids watch the same movies wear the same fashions and think the same thoughts. It's a safe happy, Ga Ga world. Unless your a rebel. Unless you want rock. On Planet Mall all musical instruments are banned. The company computers generate the tunes and everyone downloads them. But resistance is growing. Legend persists that somewhere on Planet Mall instruments still exist......

Création: 26/4/2002 - Dominion Theatre (Londres) - représ.

0003 - Tonight's the Night (2003)
Musique: Rod Stewart
Paroles: Rod Stewart
Livret: Ben Elton
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Création: 7/11/2003 - Victoria Palace Theatre (Londres) - représ.