Musical (1973)

Musique: Paul Jabara
Paroles: David Debin • Paul Issa • Paul Jabara
Livret: Paul Jabara • Tom Eyen
Production à la création:

1 Rachael Lily Rosenbloom peut-être considéré comme un Flop musical

The convoluted plot revolves around the misadventures of the title character (whose first name sports the extra "a" dropped by Barbra Streisand from her own) and her journey from a Brooklyn fish market to fame as a Hollywood gossip columnist and then a career culminating in an Academy Award nomination and a nervous breakdown. The score is a mix of disco and typical Broadway show tunes.

Jabara had written the show specifically for Bette Midler, who passed on the project. Eyen was brought in to overhaul the book and replace original director Ron Link, and Grover Dale was hired to assist Tony Stevens with the choreography.

The Broadway production began previews on November 26, 1973. Within days, it was obvious to everyone involved that it was beyond repair. On December 1, a small notice in the local newspapers announced the show would be closing that night, prior to its official opening.

The demand for tickets was immediate. Theatre buffs who revel in the calamitous as much as the classical were determined to see what was destined to go down in the Broadway annals as one of the all-time biggest flops. When the curtain went up that night, the cast was facing a sold-out house. Frank Rich of the New York Times noted that the musical had a small hardcore group of fans who had followed its evolution from the beginning and already had seen it several times: "In scattered pockets throughout the otherwise shell-shocked house were claques of theatergoers who sang along with the musical numbers and gave mini-standing ovations at the end of most of them."

Producers Robert Stigwood and Ahmet Ertegün lost all of their $500,000 investment in the production. In addition to Ellen Greene in the title role, the cast included Jabara, Wayne Cilento, Anita Morris, Thommie Walsh, and André DeShields.

The play was mentioned in passing on the liner notes of Jabara's The Third Album.

Act I
Academy Awards Theme
Dear Miss Streisand
Delivery Boys' Lament
Me and My Perch
Gorgeous Lily
Get Your Show Rolling
Hollywood! Hollywood!
East Brooklyn Blues
Broadway Rhythm
Hollywood is Dying
Broadway I Love You
Raymond's Song
Seduction Samba
Rona, Mona and Me
Working for Stella
Silver Diamond Rhinestone Glasses
Party Sickness
Take Me Savage
Get Your Show Rolling (Reprise)

Act II
Academy Awards Theme (Reprise)
Change in Raquel
Raquel Gives the Dish
Gorgeous Lily (Reprise)
Ochos Rios
Cobra Woman
One Man
We'll Be There
One Man (Reprise)
Broadway Rhythm (Reprise)
We'll Be There (Reprise)

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