Musical (2016)

Musique: Elliot Davis • James Bourne
Paroles: Elliot Davis • James Bourne
Livret: Elliot Davis • James Bourne

Out There is an original tale crossing three generations; sons, fathers and grandfathers. This heart felt story with its country inspired score is created by James Bourne and Elliot Davis - the team behind the musical Loserville.

Logan Carter, son of commercial space entrepreneur David Carter, is in trouble with the law and runs away to Hope, Texas. However, in running from his present Logan discovers his past. Out There is an original tale about fathers, grandfathers, families, love, loss, hope, learning to be a child, learning to be a parent and never, ever giving up on your dreams. This summer you have the chance to go where no one has gone before, on the journey of a lifetime. An all-singing, all-dancing original pop/country musical set in the deep south of the USA following the fortunes of runaway Logan Carter, how he saves the town of Hope, Texas and rediscovers his family at the same time.

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