Musical (2016)

Musique: Richard Taylor
Paroles: David Wood • Richard Taylor
Livret: David Wood
Production à la création:

The Go-Between tells a dramatic and moving coming of age story, explored through vibrant music and passionate song. Leo Colston, reflects on the hot summer of 1900 spent in Norfolk at the country house of his school friend Marcus, and his unwitting role acting as a go-between for the beautiful upper-class Marian and tenant-farmer Ted. Their secret love affair, carried out against the wishes of the formidable Mrs Maudsley, has devastating effects on those around them and in particular young Leo who will be changed forever.

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Version 1

Go-Between (The) (2016-06-Apollo Theatre-London)

Type de série: Original London
Théâtre: Apollo Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 4 mois 1 semaine
Nombre :
Première Preview : vendredi 27 mai 2016
Première : mardi 07 juin 2016
Dernière : samedi 15 octobre 2016
Mise en scène : Roger Haines
Chorégraphie :
Producteur :
Avec : Michael Crawford (Leo Colston), Stuart Ward (Ted), Gemma Sutton (Marian), Issy Van Randwyck (Mrs Maudsley), Julian Forsyth (Mr Maudsley), Stephen Carlile (Trimingham), Silas Wyatt-Barke (Denys), Jenni Bowden (Stanton/Leo's Mother/Eulalie), John Addison (Henry), Luka Green, William Thompson, Johnny Evans Hutchison, Archie Stevens, Matty Norgren, Samuel Menhinick, Jane Quinn, Jessica Duncan, Robert Traynor, Michael Colbourne
Commentaires : Michael Crawford leads the cast of the new West End musical The Go-Between, a beautiful and touching adaptation of L.P.Hartley’s classic novel.
Presse :

"There’s no getting round the awkward fact, though, that Crawford’s best days as a stage-actor are now behind him...Worth a look, then, but not queuing round the block to see." Dominic Cavendish for The Telegraph

"There's no danger of mistaking The Go-Between for a noisy blockbuster but that doesn't signify any shortage of ambition in this enthralling, beautifully textured chamber-musical version of the L P Hartley novel about a boy's loss of innocence during a country house visit in the scorchingly hot summer of 1900." Paul Taylor for The Independent

"It is all done with taste and style. But although the text is shot through with references to Icarus, the story never quite flies because we cannot escape its catastrophic effect on the adult Leo. The novel, as so often, proves a foreign country; they do things differently there." Michael Billington for The Guardian

"The story begins slowly, in silence. You want to scream ‘oh get ON with it!’ Richard Taylor’s music, delivered by an on-stage piano, is frustratingly plinkety-plonk. It sounds like a pastiche of Stephen Sondheim. Slowly, however, this fruit ripens. A surfeit of recitative yields to tight, a capella harmonies." Quentin Letts for The Daily Mail

"... there are things to admire in Roger Haines’s production. Michael Crawford is affecting as the grown-up Leo Colston, a husk of a man whose life has been dominated by the letter-carrying events of three hot summer weeks half a century before." Fiona Mountford for The Evening Standard

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