Musical (2004)

Musique: Les Reed • Roger Cook
Paroles: Kit Hesketh Harvey
Livret: Les Reed • Roger Cook
Production à la création:

This 'evocative and glittering' musical, set in the 1920's, follows the story of an outrageously glamorous and fashionable couple - The Scott Fitzgeralds. He's a successful young author and she's the stylish young wife who, together, become the envy of all with their high spending and high-flying lifestyle. They created their own world of enchantment. Scott christened the period The Jazz Age, and Zelda lived it. Yet the darker tale that lay behind the dazzling facade just begged to be told.

Synopsis complet

1 Beautiful and Damned peut-être considéré comme un Flop musical

I'm Dancing (Zelda, Young Zelda)
No Can Figure (Zelda and Suitors)
Beautiful Magnolia (Scott)
Refuse to be a Girl (Zelda, Minnie, Rosalind)
Little Miz Alabama (His Honour and Scott)
Tomorrow Won't Happen (Customers, Barmaids and Casey's Grill Girls)
The Letters (Scott and Zelda)
The Letters (Reprise) (Scott)
Beautful Magnolia (Reprise) (Scott)
Beautiful and Damned (The Company)
Finale: Act I - (Scott)
On the Riviera (The Company)
Living Well's the Only Way (The Company)
The Old World Shines Again (Mme Egorova and Company)
The Old World Shines Again (Reprise) (Edouard)
Trouble (Mme Egorova and Girls of Le Cabuchon)
Cocaine Tap (The Company)
Dream Ballet (Zelda)
Golden Days (Zelda)
The Queen of Babylon (Lois)
Tender is the Night (Scott)
Save Me the Waltz (Scott and Zelda)
Bring a Woman (Minnie, Lois, Rosalind, Scottie)
Even Now (Scott and Zelda)

Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant Beautiful and Damned

Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant Beautiful and Damned

Version 1

Beautiful and Damned (2004-05-Lyric Theatre-London)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Lyric Theatre (Londres - Angleterre)

Durée : 3 mois
Nombre :
Première Preview : mercredi 28 avril 2004
Première : lundi 10 mai 2004
Dernière : samedi 14 août 2004
Mise en scène : Craig Revel Horwood
Chorégraphie : Craig Revel Horwood
Producteur :
Avec : Avec: Michael Praed (F Scott Fitzgerald), Helen Anker (Zelda Fitzgerald), David Burt (Judge Sayre), Susannah Fellows (Minnie Sayre), Phillip Aiden, Valerie Cutko, Heather Douglas, Candice Evans, Nicola Filshie, Katie Foster-Barnes, Loren Geeting, Jo Gibb, Jolyon James, Jacqui Jameson, Jane Lucas, Amber Neale, Stuart Nurse, Jake Samuels, Craig Scott, Djalenga Scott, Spencer Stafford, Ben Tribe
Commentaires : Using the title of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s second novel, this was based on the true life story of Scott and Zelda. It was an expensive production with a lavish water fountain effect at the end of Act One. The critical reaction was extremely damning - “this calamitous enterprise resembles a slow motion car crash” - dull songs and an extremely dull book was the general verdict.
Presse : Très mauvaise…. ROBERT HANKS for THE INDEPENDENT says, "Fitzgerald musical not beautiful- and must surely be damned." FIONA MOUNTFORD for THE EVENING STANDARD says, "Enjoyable"; LYNN GARDNER for THE GUARDIAN says, "Making the roaring 20s seem like the boring 20s." CHARLES SPENCER for THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says, "Beautiful this show certainly isn't." SARAH HEMMING for THE FINANCIAL TIMES says, "A boring evening." IAN JOHNS for THE TIMES says, "Has all the zest of flat champagne."

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