Musical (2016)

Musique: Small Faces
Paroles: Small Faces
Livret: Carol Harrison
Production à la création:

In 1964, a new phenomenon exploded on to the dingy British streets. It was the essence of all that was cool. It was Mod. Mods stuck two fingers up at the class-ridden society and its dull redundant culture. They were working-class free spirits who rode sexy streamlined Italian Vespas or Lambrettas. The sharpest Mod of all was known as a 'FACE'. THE SMALL FACES encapsulated all that is Mod, a unique blend of taste and testosterone, neat, clothes obsessed, and street-wise. But these cult sophisticates shared another passion, their dedication to 'Rhythm n Blues.'

1 All or Nothing, The MOD Musical peut-être considéré comme un juke-box musical autour de la musique de Small Faces

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