Musical (2006)

Livret: David Simpatico
Production à la création:

Troy is the High School’s “jock”, star of the basketball team, and his Dad is the coach. Gabriella is the new brainy maths student who met Troy whilst singing karaoke during holidays. Now she has joined East High, they would like to take their romance further. And what better way to do this than for both of them to audition for the leading roles in the school’s musical version of “Romeo and Juliet” directed by cranky drama mistress, Ms Darbus? But problems arise. The auditions coincide with the big basketball match! And there is rivalry from Sharpay, the bitchy queen-bee of the drama group aided by her camp twin brother, Ryan. The two camps – the sporty ones and the theatre ones – are just as opposed as the Montagues and Capulets – but this time, of course, there is a happy ending and love wins out.

Synopsis complet

Based on the Disney Channel’s 2006 TV musical, a stage version had been released for amateur productions in the USA from August 2006 onwards and became an instant success in summer camps and school and college productions. A professional company started a hugely successful year-long American tour from August 2007. Meantime amateur production rights had been released in the UK and from mid-2007 onwards the show proved to be equally popular with young British audiences. In January 2008 it was decided to launch a professional UK tour, which would occasionally find itself visiting a city where a rival amateur version was on offer. It mattered not – since every performance seemed to be a total sell-out. This was such a box office phenomenon that a decision was made to open a second production in London to run through the summer holidays. Following the release of a sequel movie, a stage version, “High School Musical 2” undertook a UK regional tour in 2009 – but although both shows had received worldwide productions, the phenomenon gradually seemed to run out of steam in the UK. However, during its time it played to huge audiences, packed many theatres, and made a great deal of money.

Act I
Wildcat Cheer - Cast
Start of Something New - Troy, Gabriella, Cast
Get'cha Head in the Game - Troy and Jocks
Get'cha Head in the Game (Reprise) - Troy and Jocks
Auditions - Thespians, Ms. Darbus
What I've Been Looking For - Ryan and Sharpay
What I've Been Looking For (Reprise) - Troy and Gabriella
Cellular Fusion - Taylor, Chad, Martha, Zeke, Kelsi, Sharpay, Ryan, Company
Stick to the Status Quo - Sharpay, Ryan, Zeke, Troy, Gabriella, Martha, Ripper, Mongo and Company

Act II
I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You - Troy and Gabriella
Wildcat Cheer (Reprise) - Cheerleaders
Counting on You - Chad, Taylor, Martha, Zeke, Jocks and Brainiacs, Troy, Gabriella
When There Was Me and You - Troy, Gabriella, and Company
Start of Something New (Reprise) - Troy and Gabriella
We're All in This Together - Kelsi, Jocks and Brainiacs
Bop to the Top - Ryan, Sharpay, Tayor, Moderator V.O., Coach Bolton, Jack Scott, Cast
Breaking Free - Troy, Gabriella & Cast
We're All in This Together (Reprise) - Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Cast
Megamix - Cast

The Jocks
Troy Bolton - Captain of the Basketball team. Main Lead.
Chad Danforth - Basketball team member, friend of Troy's.
Zeke Baylor - Basketball team member. Passion for baking

The Thespians
Sharpay Evans - Lead in every school musical since kindergarten. President of the drama club.
Ryan Evans - Sharpay's brother. Performs with Sharpay in musicals. Vice president of the drama club.
Kelsi Neilsen - Pianist for the drama club. Composer of the winter musical.

The Brainiacs
Gabriella Montez - The "New Girl" to East High School, met Troy over winter break.
Taylor McKessie - Head of the Brainiacs. Very smart.
Martha Cox - Brainiac, who has a passion for hip-hop
Kratnoff - Brainiac, who is very much against Martha Cox's dancing, and "knows everything about everything"

The Skater Dudes
Ripper - Head of the skater dudes. Passion for the cello
Mongo - Skater dude. Rippers's "sidekick"

Other Students
Jack Scott - News announcer at East High. Also known as "The Velvet Fog of East High".

The Adults
Ms. Darbus - Drama Teacher. Dislikes the Jocks and Coach Bolton
Coach Bolton - Gym Teacher and coach of the basketball team
Ms Tenny- the Chemistry Teacher

Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant High School Musical, on stage

Aucun dossier informatif complémentaire concernant High School Musical, on stage

Version 1

High School Musical, on stage (2006-06-Stage Manor-Loch Sheldrake)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Stagedoor Manor (Loch Sheldrake (NY) - Etats-Unis)
Durée :
Nombre :
Première Preview : dimanche 18 juin 2006
Première : dimanche 18 juin 2006
Dernière : Inconnu
Mise en scène : ???? ????
Chorégraphie : ???? ????
Producteur :

Version 2

High School Musical, on stage (2007-01-Theater of the tars-Atlanta)

Type de série: Original
Théâtre: Theater of the Stars (Atlanta - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 2 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : vendredi 12 janvier 2007
Première : vendredi 12 janvier 2007
Dernière : dimanche 28 janvier 2007
Mise en scène : ???? ????
Chorégraphie : ???? ????
Producteur :

Version 3

High School Musical, on stage (2007-08-US Tour)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: US Tour ( - Etats-Unis)
Durée : 1 an 1 semaine
Nombre :
Première Preview : mercredi 01 août 2007
Première : mercredi 01 août 2007
Dernière : dimanche 10 août 2008
Mise en scène : ???? ????
Chorégraphie : ???? ????
Producteur :

Version 4

High School Musical, on stage (2008-07-Hammersmith Apollo Theatre-London)

Type de série: Revival
Théâtre: Eventim Apollo (Londres - Angleterre)
Durée : 1 mois 3 semaines
Nombre :
Première Preview : samedi 28 juin 2008
Première : samedi 05 juillet 2008
Dernière : dimanche 31 août 2008
Mise en scène : Jeff Calhoun
Chorégraphie : Lisa Stevens
Producteur :
Avec : Letitia Dean (Ms Darbus), Norman Bowman (Coach Bolton), Mark Evans (Troy Bolton), Claire-Marie Hall (Gabriella Montez), Rebecca Faulkenberry (Sharpay Evans), Michael Pickering (Ryan Evans), Nadine Higgin (Taylor McKessie), Damian Winter-Higgins (Chad Danforth), Dylan Turner (Zeke Baylor), Ben Nicholas (Jack Scott), Laurie Scarth (Martha Cox), Holly Taylor (Kelsi Neilson), Gregor Stewart, Simon Hardwick, Nyroy Dixon, Matt Flint, Adam Bracegirdle, Paul Riddiford, Stevie Hutchinson, Matthew Russell-Jones, Lauren Varnham, Kirsty McDonald, Helen Morris, Maxine Ewenson, Stephanie Siadatan, Carly Mercedes Dyer, Samantha Tan, Hayley Griffiths, Chris Milford, Carl Au, Karli Vale, Sarah-Louise Warden
Presse : FIONA Mountford for THE EVENING STANDARD says, "A charmingly chaste delight."
PAUL TAYLOR for THE INDEPENDENT says, "Zero originality."
LYN GARDNER for THE GUARDIAN says, "Cheerful, squeaky-clean entertainment...The design is tawdry, the choreography dull...It's not about art, but about artfully parting you from your cash."
CHARLES SPENCER for THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says, There is something genuinely uplifting about so many children having so much fun, and though you might legitimately complain that the show's narrative is sometimes cheesy, and its songs a touch bland, they both do the job."
BENEDICT NIGHTINGALE for THE TIMES says, "hyper-energetic production is a terrific success."

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