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0001 - White Chrysanthemum (The) (1905)
Musique: Howard Talbot
Paroles: Arthur Anderson
Livret: Arthur Anderson • Leedham Bantock
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Résumé: Sybil Cunningham loves Reggie Armitage of the Royal Navy. She has followed him from England to Japan partly to escape an unpleasant engagement in London. They have asked his father's consent to their marriage, and in the meantime, he has arranged for a modest house for her to stay in. His father the admiral, however, has decided that Reggie must marry a wealthy but vivacious American, Cornelia Vanderdecken. Sybil disguises herself as a Japanese girl and hides from Cornelia, and Reggie's friend, Chippy helps her keep up the pretense. But Sybil is distressed to see Reggie with Cornelia and runs away tearfully. Fortunately, Reggie's servant, Sin Chong, and Sybil's cousin, Betty, reveal the true situation to Sybil. In the end, Sybil returns to Reggie, Betty pairs off with Sir Horatio (who will agree to anything she wants), and Chippy lands Cornelia's heart.

Création: 31/8/1905 - Criterion Theatre (Londres) - 179 représ.