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0001 - Tomorrow morning (2006)
Musique: Laurence Mark Wythe
Paroles: Laurence Mark Wythe
Livret: Laurence Mark Wythe
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Genèse: Over the years 2002 to 2006, the musical had development workshops supported by Mercury Musical Developments and West End producer Hilary A. Williams. The show was showcased at Theatre Building Chicago's Stages Festival of New Musicals in 2007. The show premiered in London in 2006 at the New End Theatre and was later presented at Victory Gardens Greenhouse Theater in Chicago in 2008. Several changes were made when the show moved to Chicago. The song The Time is Coming was replaced by The Pool Guy, Chapter 17 replaced by Self Portrait and the finale Suddenly by All About Today. The plot was also extensively re-written by Wythe to introduce a pregnancy for the character of Kat. Also, the song Look What We Made was originally sung by the characters of Jack and Catherine, but in Chicago it became a song for the two men, Jack and John, thinking about their son and the son of the future respectively. An Australian production of the show opened in Melbourne on 1 September 2010 at the Treble Clef Jazz Lounge, directed by Joel Baltaha and later transferred to Chapel of Chapel in downtown Melbourne. A London production played at the Landor Theatre in October 2010 starring Julie Atherton and Jon Lee. An Off-Broadway production began previews at the York Theatre in New York City on 21 March 2011, and officially opened on 30 March, in a limited engagement that closed on 23 April 2011. Directed by Tom Mullen, with choreography by Lorin Latarro, it starred D.B. Bonds, Autumn Hurlbert, Matthew Hydzik and Mary Mossberg. This production was played without an intermission and changes were made to the story. Several songs were removed, and two new songs, What it Takes and The Game Show were added.

Résumé: The clock ticks by as two couples prepare themselves for the monumental day ahead. When morning comes, twenty-somethings John and Kat will marry and embark upon a new life, while older couple Jack and Catherine will sign their divorce papers. Trouble is, is anyone really sure they are doing the right thing? As the night goes on, it becomes clear that all is not what it once seemed. Are we watching two couples, or just one couple on two pivotal nights in their life together? Two nights, separated by fifteen years, as Jack and Catherine look back to the eve of their wedding, desperately trying to rediscover the memory of what brought them together.

Création: 10/7/2006 - New End Theatre (Londres) - représ.

0002 - Midnight (2018)
Musique: Laurence Mark Wythe
Paroles: Laurence Mark Wythe • Timothy Knapman
Livret: Timothy Knapman
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Résumé: As the clock ticks towards midnight on New Year’s Eve, a husband and wife talk nervously about what the future holds for them and their fellow citizens. Welcome to Azerbaijan, part of the police state of the Soviet Union in the dying minutes of 1937. The past year has been the worst of the Great Terror, in which the paranoid dictator Joseph Stalin unleashed wave upon wave of arrests. Millions have been tortured and executed. Informants and spies are everywhere. No one knows who to trust. And then comes the dreaded knock on the door. Is it the NKVD, the state’s ruthless secret police? Or a far more mysterious – and terrifying – visitor? Dark secrets emerge, time is suspended and the husband and wife are tested to breaking point – and beyond…

Création: 5/9/2018 - Union Theatre (Londres) - représ.