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0001 - Mother (1935)
Musique: Alex North • Hanns Eisler • Jerome Moross
Livret: Bertolt Brecht
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Genèse: The pro-Communist play with music Mother was a left-wing diatribe produced by The Theatre Union, Inc., which earlier had been associated with the equally left-wing Parade. Paul Peters had been one of the cowriters of that revue, and here he served as the adaptor of Bertolt Brecht’s play, which had originally opened in Berlin in 1932 and had been based on Maxim Gorky’s 1906 novel The Mother. Peters was also a member of the Theatre Union’s executive board, and a note in the program sidestepped or at least glossed over the company’s mission by stating it presented “social theatre,” a term that seems too clever by half. The notes further stated the company’s repertoire dealt “boldly” with “deep-going social conflicts” relating to the lives of the “great mass of working people.” The play was presented downtown at the Civic Repertory Theatre, and the price of tickets ranged from thirty cents to $1.50.

Résumé: The story focused on Pelagea Vlasova (Helen Henry), the title character, who fears for her son’s safety when he becomes involved with the radical left. But she soon comes to embrace his beliefs and waves high the banner of the red flag, and after his death in a political fracas she’s even more determined to foment revolution.

Création: 19/11/1935 - Civic Repertory Theatre (Broadway) - 36 représ.