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0001 - Been so long (2009)
Musique: Arthur Darvill
Paroles: Arthur Darvill • Che Walker
Livret: Che Walker
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Genèse: “Been So Long” started life in 1998 as a Royal Court play by Che Walker, and was now adapted into a musical. Its collection of blues, funk, reggae and hip-hop numbers was played by a four piece band with a backing trio of voluptuous vocalists. The mostly black cast delivered a script liberally peppered with four-letter words and descriptions of sexual fantasies. Overall, the show received very mixed notices.

Résumé: Barney’s bar is failing, and on the point of closure. The customers include skinny white boy, Gil, who is on a mission to slice up sleazy Lothario, Raymond, for stealing Gil’s girl. Meantime single-mum Simone finds herself falling for the cocksure Raymond while her brassy chum, Yvonne, winds up with Gil. And Barney finds himself gazing longingly at Simone. This is a bar where, in Barney’s words, “love don’t drink here anymore”, and where all the customers are losers, though they turn out to be briefly sanctified by love.

Création: 17/6/2009 - Young Vic Theatre - Main Stage (Londres) - représ.